Think back to when you first became a musician.

You were fascinated and completely clueless. Despite the excitement of learning an instrument, you quickly became frustrated, impatient, even bored at times.

You had friends who were also learning music, and this is where most of them quit. They made excuses, like not having the time or not being able to afford lessons.

But we were different, weren’t we?

Something inspired us. Maybe it was another musician—a family member, a friend, or even a late, great master. Regardless, music got inside of us and thus began one of the most challenging yet fulfilling experiences of our lives.

We practiced like fiends, learning the fundamentals. Over time, we became more comfortable and wrote our own songs.

Despite all that was stacked against us, we learned how to express ourselves and nothing has ever felt more satisfying.

That resilience is what embodies the Musician Monster code.

We’re not satisfied doing music on the side, playing gigs to any empty room or at the same venues night after night. We want our music heard. We know there’s a way and we’re willing to fight until we get it.

If you’re wondering if you have what it takes to become a Musician Monster, this list summarizes what we’re all about.

#1 We Don’t Waste Our Talent

We believe that the single greatest waste of musical talent isn’t the musician who retires or dies prematurely; it’s the musician who dedicates his life to being the best he can be and doesn’t move mountains in order to get that music heard by as many people as possible. And we don’t wait for anyone (a label, a manager, a producer) to make that happen. We start right where we’re at.

#2 “Making It” Is Not All About Fame

A Musician Monster recognizes that the days of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll are long gone. Making it today is just not about poppin’ corks at the club ’til the break of dawn, or whatever those rap lyrics say. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our music, and the individuals our music serves.

#3 Disrespect The Impossible

To become a musician, the odds were always stacked against you. Where did all of that get you? Exactly where you needed to be. The impossible is only that when you give it permission to be.
You have my full blessing to disrespect the impossible and make things happen.

#4: Our Future Is Bigger Than Our Past

Doc Brown is not pulling up in your driveway with his DeLorean time machine to go back in time to make things right in your life. There’s no sense focusing on what has happened. A Musician Monster focuses on what can happen.
An unrecognizable future awaits so long as you put in the work and focus on what you can control today.

#6: There’s No Such Thing As Failure

It’s only a failure when you give up and that’s why a Musician Monster never fails: because they never give up.
They know that not every great idea is going to work out, and that’s okay. They give themselves permission to fail so that they can learn from those experiences and take all of that knowledge and apply it to the next great idea.
They don’t wait around for the silver spoon and don’t blame other people if things don’t work out.
Those failures – i.e. experiences – are a tuition that a Musician Monster happily pays to get them to the next step.

#7: We Are Our Greatest Investment

To get your music heard, there isn’t any investment that is going to give you a greater satisfaction than investing in yourself.A Musician Monster knows this.

We invest in ourselves by reading books, listening to podcasts, buying courses, joining mastermind groups, paying for coaches and dining with our mentors.

There is no such thing as investing too much in ourselves. The more that we invest, the greater we grow. Just like when learning music.

Rock On And Prosper!

When you started learning music you wondered: Is this right for me? Can I do it? Am I really good enough?

If you’d let those doubts control you, you wouldn’t be here today. Be bold and take action.

Now you know what Musician Monster™ and I are all about. If any of it resonates with you, join us.

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If you’re still unsure, join us.

Besides, it’s free!

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