Live Music Is NOT Dead.

Get The Plan That Took Me From ZERO To Over 1K Per Month (And MORE) In Less Than 2 Months From The Gigs I Was Already Playing 


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You’ve been performing live, gigging for peanuts and after years of struggling…

You know that you are meant for more.

But sometimes you get discouraged, right?!


The good news is: You CAN get paid what you’re worth and have a profitable and dependable live music business.


But where do you start?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a clear plan to get you there?

I know, because that’s exactly what I wanted.

6 + years ago, I was a construction worker by day, gigging musician by night.


One day at work, I was crawling around an attic—picture the sweltering heat, sweating profusely, dodging spiderwebs and itchy insulation.

Worse still…was that instead of doing what I loved. I was going to a job I hated every day just to pay bills.

And I remember thinking…

“Is this it? Is this what my life is going to be like?”

Then I asked myself this simple question:

“What am I doing wrong?”

And the answer came like a bolt of lightning.

I realized I was waiting hoping someone else would do it for me…

…And that the only reason I wasn’t making money from my live gigs was because I hadn’t learned how.

And deep down, I knew that I never really tried.

With that awareness, I had a clear choice to make:


  1. Keep doing the same thing and getting the same results…or

  3. Figure it out—and do it quickly.

I rushed home and began to scribble on a notepad.

I had this wild idea.

A plan to get paid what I was worth from my live music. But I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Because I already felt overwhelmed, I needed an easy way to start.

So I decided to take just one step to build on what I was already doing…to turn even a small profit.


So, at my NEXT gig, I started “Phase 1 > Step 1” of my plan…


…And less than one month later, I made $700 from my live music.

It might seem small, but after getting paid ZILCH for so long, I felt great!

And it didn’t stop there.

The next month I brought home 1K, then 1.3K…


I could play any gig and get paid.


The best part?

It didn’t matter if people heard my music before—what the split of the bar or door was, what the promoter or even the venue owner said or did—as long as I could get a gig (and I already knew how to do that!) I could make money.


And less than 1 year later I left my day job to focus on my music business full-time.


I was finally in control of my own career, getting paid what I was worth… and you can be too.

And you don’t need an agent, manager, or anything else. All you need is a simple, specific, laser-focused plan.


The Live Music Revenue Accelerator™ 

A Step-By-Step Plan To Create A Profitable Live Music Business

What you get:

The 5 step plan to a profitable live music business printout and download

Fully interactive and customizable—print it, tweak it, use it
Start today—walk through each step with my quickstart tips and recommendations based on what works and what to avoid
Watch your live music business get profitable before your eyes
Direct links to every resource you’ll need to complete each step
Always see what’s next so you’re excited and motivated by your progress
Quick wins—get big results for the least effort
A complete understanding of how every gig is leading you to a profitable live music business

 The Accelerator will give you the exact strategy to get your live music business profitable…

…So you can get results quickly. And every gig is a stepping stone to a self-sustained and wildly successful live music business.

Put the keys to your success back in your hands. Not the hands of the promoters, venue owners (or even other bandmates who aren’t as serious as you are).

You can get the Live Music Revenue Accelerator TODAY for Only $97

The exact plan that took me from paying to play to getting paid what I was worth in less than TWO MONTHS.

The Live Music Revenue Accelerator

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 If you’re fed up performing live for peanuts (or even losing money at every gig), then let me show you how to make your live music profitable.

The Live Music Revenue Accelerator™


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