Does it seem like you’re getting nowhere with your DIY music marketing strategies?

Have you ever read an article or bought a course on “music marketing secrets” that left you feeling disappointed with your results? Ever wondered why??

If you don’t have anything guiding all your tactics, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels and grasping at straws. You’ll try whatever comes your way, hoping that the next resource you stumble upon will lead you to fame and fortune. Oh, if only it worked that way…

There’s a reason this doesn’t work, and it has to do with the greatest music marketing myth of all. Let’s get into it.

The Greatest Music Marketing Myth of All

I’ve scanned the articles just as I’m sure you have.

People talk about all kinds of myths, like:

  • You can’t be successful without a major label.
  • You can’t make money from streaming.
  • The music industry is dead. CDs are dead. Digital sales are dead. Crowdfunding is dead. And other obituaries.
  • You should never give away your music.
  • Advertising on Facebook is a waste of money.
  • And more.

It’s true – these are all myths.

But without knowing what you can do about it or what your next steps are, all you’re left with is a warm, fuzzy feeling that everything’s alright…

The truth is that there is one music marketing myth that towers above all, and if you don’t know what it is, you’ll be going in circles doing the same things expecting different results. Coo-coo.

The greatest myth of all is that you can have tactics without a strategy, and you can have a strategy if you don’t have a brand. You heard me right – it all starts with your brand!

If you want a head start, my music branding cheatsheet will give you 3 sneaky ways pro musicians stand out and brand. You can grab it now FREE right here.

Marketing Your Music Starts with Branding Your Music

A common mistake we musicians make is that they think their music is their product. After all, our music is what brings in the money, right?

Yes, you need a product before you can sell it. But your product isn’t your music… your product is YOU.

You are your brand, and your brand affects everything, including your marketing.

If your marketing tactics are not in alignment with your brand, it doesn’t matter how “secret” your tactics are – you will end up keeping yourself a secret in the process!

Whether it’s email, Facebook advertising, sales funnels or otherwise, if you’re not clear on your brand, it’s like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. You’re a sinking ship in a sea of an overabundance of options.

Realize this simple truth and you’ll understand why your marketing hasn’t been effective to this point. Branding comes first. Then marketing.

59% of people say they prefer to buy from brands they know. So, the more familiar your brand is, the better the connection you will have with your fans. And, you’ll sell more in the process.

If you’d like to begin the process of branding your music from the inside-out, have a look at my ultimate guide on branding your music.

Come on Man, isn’t Branding for Businesses?

I think what you’re really getting at here is that you feel like branding is fake, salesy or manipulative.

But rest assured, branding for music and branding for business are two different things.

As I’ve shared before, branding isn’t about pigeonholing yourself. It isn’t about looking a certain way so you can sell more music and get more gigs, either, though that may be a natural byproduct of being crystal clear on your branding. I talk all about this and more in my three simple ways to brand your music cheatsheet

But your branding should be positive, authentic and sincere. It should reflect who you are and not take away from it.

And, from a high-level view, when you know exactly who you are and what you’re about, marketing gets so much easier. Just ask Billboard charting artist Manafest, who used the exact methods I’m teaching you to brand his music and top the charts.

Let your branding lead the way. You’ll be able to connect the dots. Otherwise, you’ll just be taking a shotgun approach to a game that requires the precision of a sniper.

Branding is About Defining the Purpose of Your Music (and How You Want to Impact Other People)

We all make music because we love making music. I get that.

And, if you ask another musician why they make music, they might give you a copout answer like, “Oh, I’m just passionate about it.”

But that’s not it! When we make music, we’re giving expression to something that needs to be shared with the world. It doesn’t matter whether someone else thinks it needs to be shared – only that you think it’s worthy.

Consider the example of Billboard charting artist Manafest. When he was five years old, his father took his own life. Years later, he became a Christian. Now he makes music that helps people overcome their struggles and get after their dreams.

His story is straightforward and clear. He came from hardship, which led him to become an inspirational and influential musician. His purpose is 100% clear.

Not sure what your story is? A story is a powerful marketing tool to help you stand out and have people take notice of your music. You get a great music bio out of it too. Get your story.

Branding is about defining your purpose. To get to the core of the matter, we need to ask three key questions:

  • What movement are you looking to create?
  • What kind of influence do you want to have?
  • How do you see your music impacting your current and future fans?

These questions are the genesis of your brand.  Purpose. Legacy. Impact.

Once you gain clarity on your brand, you’ll instantly begin to see why so many music marketing strategies and tactics have been ineffective for you.

Consider the change you want to see in the world and be that change. Marketing will be a breeze after that.

Unleash The Power of Your Music Brand

Building a music career can feel overwhelming at times. Musicians come to me all the time saying they already have too much to do. And, marketing becomes “just another thing” on their to-do list.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Think about it – if marketing was just an extension of your brand, you wouldn’t feel the need to “get the word out” or “push the music” anymore. Because every action would be perfectly in alignment with who you are, your marketing efforts would be more impactful.

Everything lines up when you’ve got your brand. Just look at these uber-successful artists.

Still not sure how to match your music with a brand? Grab my free cheatsheet now.

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