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My personal story is I went from not having a clue about making money with music to leaving my job in just a few short years.

In short, I’ve walked the talk.

No, I’m not rich or famous, nor do I hold myself out as some great music marketing or music business guru. Instead, I’m just like you except I took my goals with music serious enough to research, plan a repeatable system, and execute that plan. I’ve since shown other musicians how to use my unique approach, and now I share my ideas with you on this web site.

It’s admittedly overwhelming to know where to start, so I’ve compiled this quick start guide to help find exactly what you want – quickly.

Warning! Don’t try to go through this all at once. Take it in small chunks. It’s all organized so you can go straight to the stuff you want to learn about first then come back later when you are ready for more. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the journey.

Where do you start when there are hundreds of pages to choose from?

Most Popular

Below are some of the most popular so you can decide if you like what you see:

The Ultimate Guide To Writing And Promoting Original Music — If you want to know how to take a song from an idea to making money with it, this is for you.

The Three Paths To Success In The Music Industry — There are three basic paths to success in music, if you aren’t clear about what that means for you, this the best place to start.

Music Marketing Funnel — Music Marketing explained in a 2-minute video. This is the first “lesson” in the free mini-course. I made it available publicly for a limited time.

Marketing Music Online — See how other musicians put music marketing principles to work and how you can too.

The Fan’s Journey — A method to turn casual followers online into hard-core fans.

By Topic

Here’s how to deep-dive into your favorite topic with these tutorial guides:

Music Branding — Discover how to stand out as a unique artist with a brand that matches the sound of your music.

Write A Musician Bio — A proven formula to write a musician or band bio that grabs real fans attention.

Artist Development — A list of resources created to help you acquire the mindset and perspective to prosper and make it on your own.

Music Marketing — Articles about music marketing. Listen to the Podcast—If you prefer audio, then check out my podcast archive. You’ll get a ton of valuable insights that aren’t available anywhere else on this site.

Listen to the Podcast — If you prefer audio, then check out my podcast archive. You’ll get a ton of valuable insights that aren’t available anywhere else on this site.

Free Resources

Here’s a collection of free books, course, and other goodies that are better than most people’s paid stuff.

Brand Your Music Cheatsheet

3 simple ways to brand your music and stand out from other musicians. Includes the 4 MusicBrand Archetypes and all the ways to brand your “sound”.

Success With Live Music Blueprint

If you’re fed up performing live for peanuts, my 3-step blueprint will show you how to get paid what you’re worth at every gig.

Three Essential Lessons to Become A Full-time Musician

Get your instant download above of this quick-read book explaining my personal story and what I learned along the way.

Your MusicStory Worksheet

Get your 3-part music story and use the power of your story to stand out in all your music marketing.


If you’re into social media, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m not on occasionally, but I don’t live on it. TBH, if you wanna connect, e-mail is the best way to do it — [email protected] — and you’ll always get a personal response from me.


My goal is to make your journey with music faster and with fewer roadblocks than my own by providing you with the tools that I wish I had but weren’t available then.

Hope to see you around and learn more about you and your music. Until then…

Rock on and prosper,

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3 Essential Lessons To Become A Full-Time Musician


3 Essential Lessons To Become A Full-Time Musician


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Who Says Artists Have To Starve?

Who Says Artists Have To Starve?


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