One of the coolest things about this band is they produce everything themselves – music, design, merch, music videos…  They learned everything via the internet, without formal training. I thought that was impressive and asked Tom to come on the show explain how they do it all!

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In this episode you’ll learn:

• Where most musicians make their money today.

• Why building a core fanbase is so important to promoting music online.

• Finding fans that want to pay you.

• Why it,s better to give away your music for free than to charge $1 per download.

• Why music shouldn’t be considered a product.

• How a record deal can actually make it harder to be a successful musician.

• Why YouTube, iTunes and Spotify are the best places to get discovered.

• Why you should only focus on learning one or two social media sites at a time.

• Learn what “go where the big fish are” means and why it’s important.

• A lesser known EP release strategy and why its awesome.

• The benefits of releasing a music video with every song.

• Why its “essential” for a small band to have a strong digital presence.


“Don’t do something you love just to get paid. Do it until someone pays you not to stop.”


• Tom Nuorivaara – Vocals, Guitar

• Juho Rinne – Guitar, Vocals

• Jesse Malaska – Bass, Vocals

• Otto Uotila – Drums, Vocals

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Shure SM57 Microphone

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Thanks for listening!

Thanks for joining me this week! To be honest with you, this was my first podcast and I was nervous.

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