MMP010: Is The Music Industry Dying?

Flush It Down! I want to give you the skinny before you listen to this episode…because the more I learn, the more I realize why we musicians have trouble building momentum. The OLD music industry is in the toilet We do not hear about it as often because the...

MMP009: Creative Control and The Practicing Mind

The Practicing Mind is: learning and achieving through intention and repetition. And musicians have it in spades…sometimes. By the time Tom Sterner was twenty three he had worked with some of the largest orchestras in the world. He knows what he is talking about...

MMP006: Three Things All Musicians Need To Inspire People

We all want to inspire more people. The more people we can inspire and the more lives we can impact, the more fans we will create. When you think about it, the life of any successful musician, athlete, artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, etc. had an impact on many...

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