Think people don’t come to shows anymore?

If you’re fed up, I’m going to show you how to play to a sold out audience instead of an empty room.

Because sending a text at a time, creating Facebook events nobody checks, and hours promoting your gig and only have a few people show up is effing frustrating.

What can you do about it?

It’s logical to think “people just don’t want to come to shows anymore.”

But it isn’t true.

And here’s why.

The way we find what to do for the weekend is different than it used to be.

We’re not told what to do, or what to like or what to listen to. We search out what we think we me might want to do, and make our decision based on what’s compelling.

And that’s the problem.

Promoting “come to my show” just doesn’t sound fun.

And if that’s you, that’s probably why your having trouble.

You gotta make coming to your show sound better than anything else that weekend.

That’s how you’ll pack the house.

When I was frustrated with my band’s turnout, I knew I needed to make people want to come. I worked out deals with the venue. The people that came out got buy one get one free drinks.

Instead of saying “come to the show” I said “get free drinks and see the show”.

Guess what?

People come.

I explain why in my course, 1K With Music, but I spent waay less time “convincing” people to come to my gigs. Instead, I increased their desire by figuring out what they wanted and telling them where to get it.

And this simple shift in mindset changed everything for me. And it will for you too.

But what do you think?

Could you increase the desire of your invitation? Or do you want to keep playing to empty rooms, complaining that nobody comes to shows anymore?

Let me know in the comments.

If profiting from your music is what you want, do yourself a favor and sign up for my weekly webinar on how to earn an extra 1k this month playing live music. Because we gotta change the game. It’s up to us to stop complaining, stop waiting, and make things happen.

Rock on and prosper.

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