As a musician, you know branding your music is important. But finding examples of how to do it right is freakin’ impossible.

Here’s the good news.

I recently partnered with a Billboard charting artist to help them brand one of their biggest hits.

And I got this idea: what if I documented the whole thing and instead of just telling you branding your music is important—what if I showed you?

Musician Branding: Brand your music like a Billboard charting artist.

You’ll get powerful branding secrets known only to the music industry ELITE.

  • This classified info was a competitive advantage, but I’ll level the playing field and give you their formula.
  • The surprising way top artists stay relevant (without doing the same thing over and over again).
  • Insider tips to stand out without compromising your music and message.
  • Tricks that will put you on the same level as other world-renowned music artists.
  • And an inside look at merch fans love to buy.

I’ll reveal it all to you in this introduction video:

The Power of Branding A Musician Right

You will instantly stand out from other artists and grab the attention of the right people. So you can get paid what you’re worth and get the recognition you deserve.

My hope is that you will put these music branding secrets to work for you. And with the way I teach branding music, you won’t need to pay thousands to a marketing agency, or designer, or learn fancy software.

Psst!… My music branding cheatsheet reveals 3 sneaky ways pro musicians stand out from other artists. Get it here and steal their secrets.

Let’s get started.

Use This ELITE Music Industry Secret To Brand Your Music (No Genre Required)

Branding your music means doing the same thing over and over again.



The reason top artists stay relevant is not that they do one thing. It’s because they do many things.

In fact, the best musician in the industry, brand everything project differently. How do they do it?

It’s called a “Main-Brand / Sub-Brand” campaign.

And in this video, I reveal all the juicy details:

You can use it as a framework to launch and brand all the music you release. That will give you freedom and flexibility, so your brand will never tie you down.

If you want a proven strategy to nail your branding or to experiment with different styles or genres, this info will be a godsend.

See how top music artists use the Main-Brand / Sub-Brand campaign framework.

And then continue to the next section…

How A Billboard Charting Artist Stands Out From The Crowd With This Simple Formula

It’s hard to get new fans if people don’t pay attention. As an up and coming music artist, that’s a problem that doesn’t exist once you get to the top.

Here’s the good news.

You can instantly fix this and climb the ladder faster, with this simple formula:

Struggle + Catalyst + Ascension

I’ve revealed the power of the MusicStory™ Formula (MSF) before, now you get to see how a Billboard-charting musician uses it to create a world-class brand.

If you’ve wanted a simple way to stand out from the crowd and command attention of existing (and future) fans, this is what you’ve been looking for.

For step-by-step implementation, download my MSF worksheet here (it’s free) so you can command attention and get people addicted to your music.

Watch the video below to see the Formula in action so you can put it to work for you.

A Branding Framework That Will Transform Your Average Website Into A Machine That Grows Your Business

Brand your website like a Billboard charting artist (no tech or training required).

Never before has a Billboard-charting musician’s website been analyzed and explained before in this much detail.

In this video, I break down how an independent Billboard charting artist uses my MusicSite™ Framework with great success. So you know what makes a great music website and brand.

There are only 3 simple things you need to know:

1. Music Branding And Strategy

2. A FanGrabber What It Is And How To Use It

3. Brand Messaging On Your Music Site

I reveal how these come together on a Billboard-charting website in this case study article and the videos below.

Music Branding And Strategy:

A FanGrabber What It Is And How To Use It:

Musician Branding And Message On A Music Site:

Download the MusicSite workbook so the framework can work for you. Get it free here.

Bring It All Together

Never before has successful musician branding been analyzed and explained in this much detail.

You don’t need to pay thousands to a marketing agency, or designer, or spend hundreds on fancy software.

My hope is that you will put these music branding secrets to work for you. Not only will you instantly stand out from all other artists, but you’ll be able to grab the attention of the right people.

That’s the power you can leverage when you brand your music right.

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