One of the most effective and traditional marketing strategies is a funnel model. And the way that it works is you would use a free or low-cost item to attract people into your fan base and then use the same item to sell other items to them. 

When I discovered this concept I thought it was the coolest thing. Then, I showed it to a few musicians I know and they flipped.

Let’s say that you have a full-length album and you want to get more people to buy it. At your next gig, instead of selling your album for a flat rate, exchange one song for an email address.

Here’s how a music marketing funnel works:

Somebody wants your song for free, so you send them to your website where they enter their email address.

Once they do, an autoresponder is immediately triggered (more on this later) that will send them an email from you automatically every few days.

The first email they get from you contains the digital file of your song.

“Thanks!” they say.

You’ve earned a new fan.

You make $0.00

They really like the song you gave them, and several days later your autoresponder sends them an email inviting them to purchase your EP.

You make $5.00

One week later, they get another email asking them to purchase your entire album. They loved your EP and decide to buy the album.

You make $15.00

In two weeks, your autoresponder sends them another email: “Hi! I’ve got a show coming up and I’m going to play every song from our new album! Go here to get pre-sale tickets!”

They love your album and they want to see you perform it live. They purchase a presale ticket.

You make $30.00

A few days before the show they get one more email. Your selling VIP tickets and they buy one…

That “free” song just earned you $100.00.

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All that happened is you used your free song as a “commercial” to sell your EP, album and tickets.

And here’s the best part:

You earned the trust of a loyal fan because you provided them with insane value for absolutely free–first. The more they like you and your music, the more willing they were to go down the “funnel” and buy your Ep, album, tickets; yadda, yadda, yadda.

A Marketing Funnel is Very Powerful Tool

Set up a system that will do what I just described for you–automatically–and you can give away your music, build your fanbase, and earn a more consistent and stable income.

You’ll get more on that in a few days…

Next Steps:

Do you see yourself using a music marketing funnel? What could you sell and what would you give away for free?

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