ATTENTION Independent Musicians,

Music Artists, Bands, Singers & Songwriters:

Want to attract REAL FANS by creating a STAND OUT BRAND that matches your music?

 You CAN have a world class brand that you’re proud of without hiring a high-priced designer or shelling out THOUSANDS to a marketing agency.

You DEEPLY CARE about making an IMPACT with your music.

You want to write more, inspire more, earn more, and make your mark.

You picture performing to crowds of people all wearing your merch and gear.

You see posters of other bands and think, “I wish I had that.”

You want to attract real fans and professionals who will connect with your music on another level.

You want your music and image to match. But it’s hard to get right.

What if you had someone who could show you exactly how to build your music brand?

A person that could answer your every question about how to match the sound of your music with visuals and also your message?

So you know who you are, what to say and HOW to say it, so you attract the attention of the RIGHT people.

What would happen if you had someone like that on your team?

Now you can.

And you don’t have to spend thousands. You can get all the benefits of working with a music brand builder, at a price that is lower than a knock-off “starter” instrument.

My name is Greg. A full-time musician and the owner of a branding and marketing firm.

Billboard charting musicians, entrepreneurs and millionaires hire me to create their brand.


I’ve combined my branding experience with my music background and packaged it into a simple and proven method you can use to brand your music.



MusicBrand is the first course 100% focused on branding music. There are no silly marketing exercises, customer avatars, or corporate branding techniques. MusicBrand is by musicians; for musicians.


Here’s how it breaks down:

Step 01

I’ll give you the simple method I designed specifically for musicians, so you’ll know how to stand out, make your mark and get the recognition you deserve.

This is the first step to match the sound of your music with a brand. So the way you look, sound, and act—whether you’re online or on-stage, everything just fits.

Step 02

Discover how to match your music with visual representations.

I’ll show you a simple and proven method to pair the sound of your music with color, images, and graphics. After this step, you will know how to brand your “sound”.

Step 03

Now it’s time to get all the visual elements of your brand.

Your logo, merchandise, website, and social profiles all look professional, clear, consistent and compelling. Take the core of your brand and plug it into our simple templates.

You’re proud of the way you look, sound, everything fits your music. So you can stand out, attract the right people, and get the respect you deserve.

The Future Of Your Brand

Let me show you how to brand your music perfectly every time. Your next album, merchandise, tour, EP, side project, live performance—anything. Genre, style of music, or current direction Will. Not Matter. Your brand will match your music.

And of course you’ll get all the templates, checklists, examples, etc; every tool you need to nail your music brand.

In addition to our simple Step-By-Step Instructions, Lifetime Membership, and 24/7 Access.

Having your music brand is like wearing a suit to a big job interview…and everyone else is wearing a t-shirt and flip flops. Who’s getting the job?


What would happen if you could…

Walk into your next gig confident, knowing you nailed your music brand.

What do you think the venue owner or promoter would think?

What would the other bands think?

What would it be like to get the respect you deserve…and finally be seen and treated as a professional?


That’s what I’ll teach you in MusicBrand.

And because you are part of my tribe, I want to give you a few more goodies to ~sweeten~ the deal. ;)

Get Lifetime Access to MusicBrand + 3 big BONUSES

Bonus 01:

One-On-One Music Branding Consultation

Maybe you think branding is important and you’re worried “What if I never figure it out?”

Say goodbye to that fear forever.

You will have 100% of my full attention for 60-minutes. All we’re going to do is talk about your brand.

You’ll come out of the call with clarity, and know how to connect with people who are willing to listen to and buy your music.

Bonus 02:

Lifetime Access To The Musician’s Toolbox

The Toolbox contains links to the all best musician resources from around the web. Things like merch creation, free design and marketing tools, templates, and more.

Think about how much time and money you’ll save having the best of every tool you’ll ever need right at your fingertips.

It’s all included FREE with your purchase.

Bonus 03:

Campaign Branding For Your Next Release

Create experiences and merch based on your brand (tied into your gigs, emails, social media).

You’ll discover how to brand your next album or EP and use our sub-branding campaigns for single releases so all of your artwork will follow a cohesive branding strategy.

You’ll also get strategies and tools to create merch that your fans will LOVE that supports your album/EP campaign.


When You Enroll Yo’ll Get:

The Complete MusicBrand Training Course ($297 Value).

Bonus #1: One-on-one branding Consultation With Greg – ($250 Value)

Bonus #2: The Musician Toolbox ($200 Value)

Bonus #3: Release Campaign & Merchandise Branding ($197 Value)


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $944…

VIP Offer

One Time Payment of $497.00

Yep. For only $497 you can get access to MusicBrand plus the additional bonuses listed above.

NO RISK—100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re on the fence…

I get it.

That’s why I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

When you enroll in MusicBrand today, you have a FULL 30-days to go through the training 100% risk-free.

If things don’t work out for you, just email [email protected], show us you did the worksheets, and you will get a full refund.

Why am I offering such a lenient guarantee?

Because I know this course works.

And either the knowledge in MusicBrand will benefit you within the first 30 days…

…Or you’ll get a full refund.

What Our Students Are Saying…

Because of the ‘Bottle Boys’, I get a lot of questions from independent musicians and I recommend this course to them. Greg is a musician, and he is accessible, knowledgeable, and always happy to help. Branding music is important and it’s difficult to get right. But Greg makes it easy. My message and vision are so clear now.

Philipp Jørgensen

YouTube sensation the “Bottle Boys” and “Musicovering”, Denmark

Greg showed me how to come to my OWN conclusions about my brand. My music and message are clear, authentic and I believe in them. My brand comes from ME. People notice the difference.

H'atina Gilliard

Independent Musician, Singer/Songwriter

Greg taught me how to discover my OWN brand. I know exactly what my message is and why it’s important to me. I believe in it. The clarity I now have as an artist feels great!

Athena Burke

Independent Musician, Singer/Songwriter

Greg’s branding course has given me valuable insight into how and why I present my music, along with some really useful tools and advice to achieve my aims—all in ways which make complete sense.

I find him very approachable and generous. He brings a lot of heart to what he does and puts great care and thought into his teaching and materials (which can be a rare quality for someone who also happens to be a rock drummer).

Keith McMurray

LC Pumpkin, Brighton, UK

I’ve had light bulb moments galore. It was even hard to go to sleep sometimes because I was so excited about my brand. I feel like I have GPS. I’ve entered the destination and Greg showed me how to get there.

Cayla Brooke

Jazz/Rock Powerhouse from Vancouver, BC Canada

VIP Offer

One Time Payment of $497.00

Answers To Your Most Common Questions

I know you want to make the right decision. So, below, I answered the most common questions I’ve seen so far.

But if you still have a question, contact [email protected].

How long will I have access to the course?

You will never lose access. Your account will never expire. You have lifetime access.

I’m about to re-brand, will this help me?

Absolutely. Whether you’re just getting started or been committed to your music for years if you want a proven way to brand your music this course is for you.

Do you have any templates in the course?

Yes. So you can feel confident everything will look great. The Musician’s Toolbox, music brand archetypes, and more. We even give you a list of EVERY possible element you will want to design to create a consistent brand on all platforms.

What if I don’t play one style of music?

Doesn’t matter. Branding based on style or genre is old hat. MusicBrand shows you a better way. Even if you’re all over the place musically, the process is flexible, intuitive, and creatively freeing.

I’ve had trouble branding my music, how do I know this will help me?

This course was made from the ground up for branding music. We precisely engineered each lesson to break through those creative blocks so you get the results you’ve always wanted.

I’m all over the place musically, will this work?

Yep. This course will give you the flexibility to experiment with your brand in a way that fits your music. You won’t have to settle on any genre or style so you’re never tied down.

What if I play covers?

If you want to up your professionalism, stand out, have more opportunities with your brand, this course will show you how.

Are you designing for me?

You want to be in control of your brand instead of depending on other people. You will get everything you need to brand yourself and create designs that look great on all formats.

VIP Offer

One Time Payment of $497.00

Yep. For only $197 you can get access to MusicBrand plus all the bonuses listed above

The One Thing Nobody Can Take Away From You

BB King once said:

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

And either the knowledge in MusicBrand will deliver life-changing results for you within the first 30 days…


…or you’ll get a complete refund.

Thanks to Greg, I now know to brand my music. He introduced me to a whole new way of thinking. It’s nothing like what I thought. Instead of feeling confused and held back, I feel inspired and excited!

Carlene Thissen

Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Naples Florida

Branding has been a huge weak point for me, especially when it came to my music because I record and perform in several genres. Greg was able to get to the heart of my music mission and help me portray it effectively with a logo that clearly communicates my character and message. I’d been avoiding my branding for years, but Greg’s system gave me the confidence to finally check it off my to-do list.

Bree Noble

Independent Artist, Singer/Songwriter, CEO of FEMusician.com & Female Musician Academy

For the first time in my short career, I finally feel confident and deliberate about the choices I make about my brand. Before I took this course, I was one of those artists who had a sense of where I wanted to go with my brand, but no specific path. MusicBrand gave me that path. It is succinct and efficient, and it does a great job giving you details in a way that is digestible and easy to understand. It will get you where you want to be, all you have to do is follow the steps and put in the effort. Greg is accessible, patient, consummate and professional. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Matt Conroy

CEO - FirePoint Entertainment, LLC, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter; Captain, USAR

MusicBrand has been the best money we’ve ever spent in our music business. It immediately impacted my entire approach in a wonderful way. And is such a great thing. Every time we look at our website, we both go, “this is so cool.” We just nailed it and our entire brand because of your course. From our music to our website, logo, and brand, even ourselves, everything looks great and feels right.

JoAnn and Monty

Touring Singer/Songwriter Duo, Alaska, USA

VIP Offer

One Time Payment of $497.00

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