Today’s guest is Steve Palfreyman from Music Launch Hub. He’s going to show us how to grow a fanbase that grows itself. Whether you’re just getting started in music or been busy growing your fanbase for years, this episode will give you direction on how to earn people’s undivided attention so they spread the word about your music.

Let’s go!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome resistance and start building a fanbase
  • The FIRST step to creating a community and WHY it’s so important
  • What to give your fans that will make them want to give back
  • How to open conversations with fans and keep them going
  • The key to getting—and keeping—momentum
  • The exact steps to get started building a fanbase
  • What to do if NOBODY pays attention
  • How to secure fan relationships over the long haul
  • Recommended tools to make building your fanbase easier

Useful links:

*Time Sensitive*

I’m excited to be a part of what Steve is calling, “the world’s largest global music conference” and it’s all about launching music. I’ll be among 40+ guests. It’s called the Music Launch Summit and will be streaming for free on the 13th–30th of September.

If you’d like to attend the Music Launch Summit, click this link—> Steve’s set up a page with more info, and you’ll be able to sign up for a FREE* pass to attend the Summit).

But before you join, click HERE to read an important disclaimer.

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