Danika Holmes has played over 400 shows since she decided to pursue music full time in 2010. The path that took here there is rarely traveled–abandoning her Ph.D., only a dissertation short of becoming “Dr. Holmes.” Don’t let Danika’s “luck” fool you into thinking she’s had it easy. It was only through taking consistent action that she was able to go from dropping out of college to a full-time musician. Danika explains everything in today’s episode of the MusicianMonster Podcast.

I can’t wait for your to hear the wisdom Danika brings. Let’s rock!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Crowdfunding and why it’s easier that ever before
  • Why having a vision for your music is everything
  • What people back in a crowdfunding campaign–and why it’s not what you expect
  • The only two things you need to build a fan base
  • Social media, why it’s great (and not so great) and how to use it in the best way
  • House concerts and why they’re the key to being an independent musician
  • The easiest way to put on your own house concert
  • Why we get nervous on stage and what to do about it
  • Why a “flower pedal tour” is the first step before touring (see below)


Flower petal touring route example

Flower petal toure route example

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