The MusicianMonster Manifesto

A New Breed of Musicians

The Manifesto

Good music is characterized by its ability to ignite a feeling in someone other than the artist that created it.

If you consider yourself a musician then you must measure the quality of your music by the impact it has on the life of someone other than yourself. If you write music for you, you are not an artist, you are an amateur, and you are selfish. From now on, success as a musician will simply be a function of how well you can inspire those around you. 

Getting signed isn't the goal

The primary goal of a musician should be to find, interact with, and build an audience. This used to be the job of a record label because they had the resources…not anymore. Your are no longer tied town, limited, or controlled by a record company. With a simple change in mindset you can build an audience on your own terms.


Fans come first
For the first time in history you can access and build a fan base–on your own terms. Because of social media you can build a bond and connect with individuals using your music as a medium. You connect with them because you are genuine; not because you were marketed by a record label.

The "Rock Star" cliche' is outdated

Audiences want to participate, not spectate. It’s all about making them the star. Not you… Your audience wants to be on the stage with you not on the stage below you. They want to feel like they are a band “member” and that they have a personal relationship with you.




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Do this to GO PRO


Refuse to wait around and be “discovered”. Build relationships with fans. Believe a record label is irrelevant. Communicate with fans on a personal level. Have an open mind and the right motives. Use your music to inspire people. Put your fans first, not yourself. Music is your only option (there is no “Plan-B”).
Do this to stay an amateur
Wait around hoping to get “discovered.” Avoid doing things that are uncomfortable. Psych yourself out by being negative. Have a ton of ideas and never bring them into existence. Worry about what people think of you (fear criticism). Worry about making mistakes (fear failure). Have a Plan-B other than music (you will end up taking it).
Goals of Musician Monster
To set the new standard of what it means to be a musician. Increase the production and collaboration of media, with musicians at the forefront Eliminate the obnoxious and overplayed “starving artist” cliche. Create a sense of honor and responsibility among musicians–recognizing the authority and power of their music. To create a specific repeatable path to success that can be duplicated and followed in today’s music industry Increase the personal involvement and roll a musician plays in the daily life of an individual person. To create a community of musicians that not only support one another, but hold themselves accountable.

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