Conventional wisdom says, as a musician, you should market your music online. Above all else.

So, let me ask – how’s that going for you?

If you’ve been working on it for a while and you’re frustrated with the results, it’s okay. Honestly, it’s not your fault.

There are a lot of people out there selling the idea that online marketing is the holy grail, but I’m here to tell you…

Live Music Isn’t Dead

There’s really nothing to worry about.

Playing live is awesome. And, I’m here to show you how to make it profitable, too.

But first…

Let’s Face the Facts…

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out online.

Music Business Worldwide has shown that 40,000 tracks are being added to Spotify every single day.

Tubefilter says more than 500 hours of content are being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Worldometers shows, in real-time, the number of blog posts that were written today. As I type this, that number is well over 6,000,000.

In 2015, The Radicati Group, Inc. projected an amazing 128.8 billion business-related emails sent and received every single day by 2019.

The reason we’re lured in by online marketing is that “making money from your music while you sleep” sounds like a killer deal.

And, more and more people are buying in and trying to build their audiences online.

You can do that if you want, and it is a valid strategy. But building an audience is a long, difficult (and lonely) road that sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

The good news is…

There is Another Way

If you want to share your brand, market your music and grow your audience, the smart strategy is to perform live.

Use the internet as an infrastructure to market to your fans passively after the show. You can encourage them to buy merch, come to your shows and spread the word about your music.

This is what I call an “upside-down music marketing strategy” that’s proven to work and turns conventional wisdom on its head.

Upside-Down Music Marketing for Live Music Success

I’ll share something with you.

I ignored all the advice that suggested I focus on online marketing and instead focused on marketing at my live shows. I left my job only a year later.

In my Success With Live Music Blueprint, you can learn about the exact steps I followed to get paid what I was worth including a complete breakdown of the three simple steps you can use to begin earning from your live shows immediately. It’s free. Download it now.

And, it’s not just me. There are countless other musicians who have had explosive results. Listen to the podcast with Michael Walker from modernmusician.me, who shared a method he discovered that allowed him to take his band from nothing to touring across the world in a matter of months.

The point?

Musicians jumping on the “marketing music online” bandwagon are getting lost in a sea of self-promotion.

Meanwhile, the musicians who implement this upside-down funnel are making it impossible for their fans to ignore them and are getting serious results.

Proven Methods to Create a Profitable Live Music Business

Now you know why focusing on live performance is your ticket to the results you want out of your music career.

But what exactly should you be doing to grow your live music income?

Hmm… I wonder.

Just messing with you.

Here are several proven strategies that worked for me, and I know they’ll work for you too!

So, here’s the first step.

Step 1: Bootstrap Your Income And Get Paid More At Your Next Gig

The first thing most bands do in their attempts to generate more income at their gigs is to sell their merch, especially their CDs.

The problem is that they may not have the cash to pay for recording time in the studio. By the way, one of the reasons musicians are always broke is they make it hard for people to pay them.

So, many don’t have a product they’re proud of, or even if they do, they can’t seem to sell it.

Well, guess what? Selling CDs doesn’t work.

But asking for donations in exchange for your music still does. And, you don’t even need to have a professionally produced and pressed CD. It can even be a three-song demo!

The CD-Donation Strategy doesn’t require any selling on your part. It works because of reciprocity. When we receive something of value from others, we feel the need to give back something of equal value.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re too shy to try. This method works. You can see how here.

CD-Donation Strategy-1

Step 2: Simple Methods to Double Your Live Show Income with Branding

You can double your live show income by implementing three simple methods:

Method 1: Set Up a Merch Booth Lined with Your Branded Merchandise

At every show you play, set up a simple merch booth lined with your branded merchandise.

You must ensure your merch is in alignment with your brand, because that’s going to help you sell more.

Get my free Music Branding Cheatsheet to discover how to match your music with the perfect brand. Also, check out the ultimate guide to branding your music.

Method 2: Use a Tip Jar and Have Fun With it at Your Show

Use a tip jar and have fun with it at your show. Make it easy for your fans to give money to you.

As your audience continues to grow, your tips will too!

Method 3: Get a Credit Card Reader so You Don’t Get the “I Don’t Have Cash” Excuse

Get a credit card reader so you don’t run into the common “I don’t have cash” excuse. Let people pay by card so you can collect money no matter what. Use this in combination with the CD-Donation Strategy to double your donations.

Step 3: Why Being on Stage (Not Online) is The Key to Growing Your Fan Base Exponentially

A lot of musicians give away songs for free in exchange for an email address. Their fans then get added to an email list.

Although the technique is good, it’s harder than ever to stand out online. So, building a list ends up being a slow, plodding process.

The issue is not with the FanGrabber, which is whatever you use to get your fans to sign up with you in the first place. It could be a song, a podcast interview, a video… There are so many things you could be using to entice your fans to sign up.

But I’ve found it works way better live.

The first time I used the FanGrabber technique at a show, I got 50 new email signups from an audience of 100. That’s a 50% conversion rate.

You can simply announce your FanGrabber offer from the stage, send the audience to a landing page and have them download your offer then and there. No guesswork. No speculation.

Your fans get placed in a music marketing funnel that will help them sell merch and get more people out to your gigs in the future.

Even better – you don’t have to spend money on ads, learn confusing automation software or study how to write clever sales text that convinces people to give you their email address.

It’s easy, and it works.

Wrapping it All Up

You can do this.

I know, because the methods I’ve laid out here are easy to do. And, they work!

If you’ve been cursing the darkness, worried that you’d never be able to get your live show to the point where it’s generating cash for you, I want you to know there is hope.

So, get my free printable Success With Live Music Blueprint, so you can put the strategies mentioned here to work at your next gig.

the success with live music blueprint 2.0 mockup

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