Flush It Down!

I want to give you the skinny before you listen to this episode…because the more I learn, the more I realize why we musicians have trouble building momentum.

The OLD music industry is in the toilet

We do not hear about it as often because the numbers used to measure the size of the new industry are different. Record labels had a hierarchical system and it doesn’t work anymore. They defined success by one number: record sales. And people don’t buy records anymore.

The NEW music industry is thriving

The old system doesn’t work and that is a good thing! We should be ecstatic because we don’t have to sell out to get signed anymore. For better or worse–musicians have freedom.

Problem is, most musicians don’t see that. They believe the music industry is “dying”. Why? Because we go by the old definition of success and instead of looking for answers, we think about how “unfair” the situation is and throw our hands up in frustration…I can relate.

The point? 

It’s difficult to think as an individual. Especially if we don’t look for answers and rely on opinions to decide what we believe. You will hear what I mean in the episode. Just know that I was pissed when I recorded it. If we want to rise above the noise then we have to get smart, ask questions and look for answers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the old music industry is dead…
  • …And why you should be jazzed about it
  • Answers to some confusing questions
  • The MAIN difference between the two
  • The first steps to take
  • Why you should ignore what you hear
  • How to implement new strategies

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