Hi, I’m Greg, the founder of Musician Monster…

Greg Wilnau - MusicianMonster

I have a weird way of thinking…

I believe every person can be great.

But most people are not—for two reasons:

  1. They talk themselves out of it…
  2. Or blame someone else for their situation

And musicians are some of the worst culprits.

We justify our setbacks…

  • I don’t have money
  • I’m too disorganized
  • I don’t know enough about “business”

And would rather sign a contract…

  • A label
  • A manager
  • A booking agent

…Then look to ourselves for answers.

And I think that’s a crock.

Because not having money, connections, time, a manager, record deal—whatever—is an excuse.

…You just need to tweak your thinking.

This website exists to remind musicians of one simple fact: just as you look to yourself to become a musician, you can look to yourself to become a prosperous one…

…Because after 15 years of playing music, and barely making a penny, I had a revelation that lead me to leave my job to do what I love full time.

And That’s What Musician Monster Is All About

I”m not claiming that this will be easy. But, the content on this site will show you how to play music full time, following the same tips and experiences that have helped myself, and the independent musicians I’ve interviewed.

Register for exclusive tips and strategies you won’t find on the site:


This site will give you specific guidance that works with YOUR situation, and I’m glad to help with your music in any way that I can.

Rock on and prosper,

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