…Whether touring, performing live, writing more, earning more, building your brand or recording your album…it’s all driven by the same desire.

You want to make your mark.

To stand out as a unique artist. And impact people like your favorite musicians or bands have impacted you.

But you’re fed up waiting to get discovered. You’re going your own way and don’t have time to waste. To get the results you want and the recognition you deserve, you need to know what works—and you need it quickly.

And that’s what Musician Monster is all about.

Hi, my name’s Greg. There are two things I know cold.

  1. Music
  2. How to successfully go my own way

In 2014, I went against the grain and all the “experts” hyping social media to market music. Instead of worrying about Facebook likes, I focused on monetizing my live performance.

Greg shares his strategy in the “success with live music blueprint”, get it free here.

And in 2015, I dropped out of college and left my job to focus on my music business. (Imagine the response from the fam when I dropped that little bombshell at dinner ?)

Then, in 2016, I caught the attention of a millionaire. Now, Billboard charting artists, millionaires, and successful entrepreneurs trust me with their brand.

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In 2018 I sold my home to travel the world full-time, fully funded by my music business and branding business.

The point?

When you go your own way—and own it—there is no limit to what you can do.

Just like music, “business” is not a gift, it’s a skill that anyone can learn.

And that’s why I started MuscianMonster.

I share my own way of thinking about being an independent musician and all the strategies and tactics to earn more and make your mark.

I want to be the guy who was in your shoes that you can ask for help. So that you can enjoy the tastes life has to offer as a successful independent musician.

And, my friend, trust me, it tastes sweet.

Rock on and prosper,




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